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The Homelessness and Housing Umbrella Group (HHUG) is the network of agencies and individuals working to end homelessness and create affordable housing in Waterloo Region.


All of HHUG’s work and policies are directed by a Steering Committee.   The Steering Committee meets a minimum of 5 times a year, with a Executive chosen from the Steering Committee members to resolve issues between meetings.  HHUG Steering Committee meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend.  For meeting information contact us at hhug@lutherwood.ca or at 519-749-8305 X 5237.

Meetings of the broader HHUG membership are held 2 times a year.

The Steering Committee is the sole standing committee of the HHUG.  The Steering Committee is responsible for:

  • Making decisions and conducting business on behalf of the HHUG

  • Providing direction to any support staff (sponsoring agency provides supervision)

  • Developing and ensuring the implementation of the annual work plan

  • Planning HHUG meetings

  • Approving the establishment  of and work plan of any ad-hoc action committees

  • Approving all correspondence sent on behalf of the HHUG

  • Collecting, sharing and connecting other homelessness/housing group work plans

  • Seeking out and addressing homelessness and housing issues

The Steering Committee will consist of  a minimum of 10 members minimum including:

  • 4 geographic representatives, 1 each from: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and rural

  • 4 members at-large

  • 2 representatives from the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, 1 from Social Services-Social Planning, Policy and Program Administration and one from Planning, Housing and Community Services – Housing

At least two Steering Committee members must be self-declared as having lived homelessness experience.  In addition, the HHUG will seek Steering Committee membership to include a variety of sectors working with a variety of demographics (e.g., emergency shelter, housing, business, legal, financial, youth, family, mental health/addictions, New  Canadian/Immigrants direct-support/management).  Support staff participate on the Steering Committee as ex-officio non-voting members.

The Steering Committee is elected annually at the Annual Meeting (with two exceptions: 1. Past-Chair is a one year term which does not require election, and 2. Representatives from the Region will be appointed by Regional Departments).

As HHUG is a community network it requires a sponsoring agency.  In April, 2006 after a call for proposals, Lutherwood was selected.  In this role they provide financial management and staff supervison.  The Steering Committee maintains approval for all decisions related to the operation of HHUG.

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