What We’re Doing

Each year the HHUG Steering Committee undertakes a number of projects and actions that are compatible with the goal of ending homelessness within Waterloo Region.   As part of that work, HHUG is a member of a number of local, provincial and national groups who have a similar goal.  We recognize that our collective voices, working together are the most efficient and effective way to create lasting social change.

In 2016 HHUG is undertaking one of its most ambitious projects to date.  We are working to reduce discharges to homelessness (including to shelters) from Provincial institutions and services.   This is a recommendation of the Expert Advisory Panel on Homelessness’ report – A Place to Call Home   According to the report “many people experiencing hidden homelessness are temporarily accommodated in a range of institutions and service systems.  They may be in institutions such as hospitals and prisons, in the child welfare system or women’s shelters…Supporting transitions could make an impact in preventing homelessness, as people who interact with various systems may be at greater risk of becoming homeless.  It would also provide an opportunity to engage with and assist homeless people who come into these systems, and prevent them from being discharged back into homelessness after their care, treatment, or incarcerations is complete” (p. 21).

This focus also fits within Homeless to Housing Stability Strategy –  specifically –  Strategic Direction #2  identifies promoting a shared approach to ending homelessness with community systems that serve specific population groups including youth.   Strategic Direction #3  identifies health care and justice as two systems within which it is important to promote a shared approach to ending homelessness.  .

Over the next few months, the HHUG Steering Committee will be working with community partners, service providers, community members and people with lived experience to develop a work plan to better understand and to respond to this issue within Waterloo Region.