Participate in NHS Process

The Federal Government is undertaking a broad consultation on the priorities for a National Housing Strategy.   This is a very significant development.    We need everyone to share their thoughts and ideas.

  •  Go to the website   Let’s Talk Housing https://www.letstalkhousing.ca/.  This is an opportunity to share concerns and table suggestions about improving the lives of those in greatest need.   The deadline for submissions is October 21, 2016 and complete the on-line consultation document.   To encourage the individual participation of agency staff members as well as clients, Raising the Roof (the toque people)  launched the #100forHousing Campaign on  August 8th. The purpose of this campaign is to promote 100% staff participation in the National Housing Strategy survey, as well as encourage agencies to facilitate client participation. Providing a response as individuals close to the issue of homelessness will be invaluable in shaping this national strategy.    They have prepared  the 100forHousing Guide.

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