HHUG Report Card

The HHUG Report Card was intended as a tool for education – to raise awareness of housing stability issues in our community.  It is important to note, however, that what it measures is the CHANGE in the data obtained between the most current reporting year and the one prior, not the absolute state of housing and homelessness.

The Report Card and its grades measure  CHANGE across a select and limited number of data points which are influenced by many players and factors, some of which play out at a local level and some of which play out at a provincial, national and even global level.

Comparing change is an opportunity to examine in what direction we are heading, what there is to celebrate and what more must be done.

With the completion of Ontario Trillium Foundation funding in 2013, funding constraints prevent us from creating further report cards.  However, we are pleased that the Region of Waterloo, Social Planning, Policy and Program Administration is taking over the production of  an annual data sheet.

2017-2018- Data Summary

2016-2017 –Data Summary

2015-2016 Data Summary

2014-2015 Data Summary

2013 – Data Summary

2012- Data Summary

2012 – HHUG Report Card 2012

  • Housing and Health: Exploring the Connection

HHUG Booklet 2012

2011 – 4th Annual Report Card

  • Innovative Solutions in Building Housing Stability



2010 – 3rd Annual Report Card

  • Adequate Rental Housing:  There is No Place Like Home

HHUG Report Card


2009 – 2nd Annual Report Card

  • Rental Housing Affordability: Where Income and Housing Meet



2008 – 1st  Annual Report Card

  • When Bricks and Mortar aren’t Enough: Understanding Support to Maintain Housing

HHUG Report Card

HHUG booklet